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Our company was incorporated in 2007. Through advanced technology and sincere services, we are able to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. Mature production techniques and a professional staff allows us to provide premium engineering plastics and high-precision processing services for clients all over the world.

Here at QUANDA Plastic, we are well-known for the plastic extrusion ,molding and fabrication techniques. Our main products include thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, fluroplastics and extrusion profiles. These products have found extensive applications within industries such as oil and gas, mining, printing, machining, packaging, hardware, electronics, construction engineering, electrical production, aerospace engineering, medical equipment and food safety.

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quanda plastic

Experienced team

Our engineers have more than ten years of experience in recommending suitable materials and design solutions for customers based on drawings, samples provided by customers and the working environment (medium, temperature, speed) of each product.

Perfect Service

The company’s strong technical team has always maintained exchanges and cooperation with international advanced counterparts, mastered the global cutting-edge technology, and made every effort to meet customer requirements. At the same time, it focuses on perfect after-sales so that customers really have no worries.

Advanced equipment

Quanda laboratory introduces international advanced equipment, which can complete the mechanical properties, chemical composition and electrical properties of materials and provide reliable data.

Free samples

According to your sample application form, we will first confirm your size, quality level and delivery address. Then the sample will be displayed within 24 hours. If an agreement is reached, the samples will be shipped within 48 hours.

Plastic pipe trough

What is a special-shaped tube?

Shaped seamless steel pipe is a general term for seamless steel pipes with cross-sectional shapes other than round pipes.


Brief introduction of turning processing method of Teflon PTFE film

The turning processing method is actually a secondary processing method for plastics.

injection molding components

Extrusion processing method of polytetrafluoroethylene film

The extrusion processing method of polytetrafluoroethylene film is essentially a synthesis of conventional extrusion and calendering methods

How to choose plastic for plastic electrical insulation products

The higher the voltage of the application of electrical insulation materials, the greater the heat loss of the insulation material...


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