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Detailed introduction of PA6 Film

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PA6 film

PA6 Film, PA6 nylon film, is a material with a variety of excellent properties. The following is a detailed introduction to PA6 Film:

Raw materials and production process:
The main raw material of PA6 Film is polycaprolactam, referred to as nylon 6 or PA6.
The production process involves melting, extruding and casting this raw material on special equipment, and then stretching it longitudinally and transversely (or simultaneously) to form a film, which is Biaxially oriented polyamide (nylon) film (BOPA). ).

Product Features:
Toughness and wear resistance: PA6 Film has good toughness, strong wear resistance, light weight and good durability.
Long-term temperature resistance: It can work at 120℃ for a long time and is suitable for various radiator blades, automobile engine parts, etc.
Good mechanical strength: High mechanical strength, used in various machine parts, gaskets, washers, etc., with fastening, shock absorption and protection functions.
Good electrical insulation: used in fan blades, cable sheaths, high-voltage sealing rings, etc., with good electrical insulation properties.
Good anti-corrosion and chemical resistance: When in contact with water, oil, chemicals and other substances, it shows anti-corrosion and chemical resistance.

Application areas:
Transmission belt: Because of its toughness and good wear resistance, the quality of the transmission belt is better than that used in the early years.
Radiator and automobile parts: Long-term temperature resistance of 120°C, suitable for various radiator blades and automobile engine parts.
Electronic and electrical field: used for electronic and electrical parts, gaskets, washers, electrical components, etc.
Cables and fans: Taking advantage of its good electrical insulation, it is used for cable sheaths, fan blades, etc.
Oil-resistant seals and wipers: Anti-corrosion and chemical resistance, suitable for wipers, oil-resistant sealing gaskets, etc.

The synthesis process of PA6 includes two main steps: monomer synthesis and polymerization. Monomer synthesis can be achieved by various methods such as phenol method, cyclohexane oxidation method, photonitrosation method or toluene method. Polymerization involves hydrolyzing and polymerizing caprolactam monomer at high temperatures to produce polyamide-6.

To sum up, PA6 Film plays an important role in packaging, electronic appliances, automobiles and other industries with its excellent performance and diverse application fields.

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