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Do you know PC Film?

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clear,colored,yellow,red,green polycarbonate thin sheet

PC Film refers to polycarbonate film. The following is a detailed introduction to PC Film:
Structural formula: polycarbonate structure

Properties and uses:
PC Film has the characteristics of strong impact resistance and light weight, so it is also called safety lens.
It is widely used in the production of various types of signs, membrane switches, advertisements and other fields.
PC Film can also be used for power system insulation, disk drive insulation, keyboard insulation, TV/monitor insulation, computer motherboard insulation, etc.
Some special types of PC Film (such as FR365) have halogen-free flame retardant and environmental protection characteristics, and meet the environmental protection requirements of well-known global companies.

Features and advantages:
PC Film has extremely strong toughness and is not easy to break, so it is widely used in occasions requiring high safety.
It has 100% UV protection and is not easy to yellow after long-term use.
PC Film is light in weight, with a specific gravity of only 2 grams per cubic centimeter, and is one of the lightest materials for making lenses.
It also has good heat resistance, voltage resistance and puncture/tear resistance stability.

Production and processing:
PC Film can be processed by die-cutting, cold pressing and other processes.
The surface can be directly printed by hot stamping, flexographic printing, offset printing, flatbed printing and other printing methods.
It can also be laminated with metal foil to make high-temperature resistant devices that resist electromagnetic interference.

Safety information:
It complies with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety specifications, and the UL94 fire rating reaches V0 level.
Development and application prospects:
PC Film, as an environmentally friendly engineering plastic, has broad application prospects in many fields.
With the advancement of science and technology, multifunctional and multi-purpose PC Film is constantly being launched to meet the diverse needs of the market.

In summary, PC Film is a material with excellent performance and wide application. Its unique impact resistance, lightweight and environmental protection characteristics make it highly competitive in the market.

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