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PP film

PP looks like PE, but PP is more transparent, lighter. PP is flammable. PP own low water absorption, low gas permeability. PP has good mechanical properties, the tensile strength and yielding strength are better than PE, PS and ABS. PP resists stress cracking and easy to weld, but low notched impact strength, the finished parts shall avoid sharp corners and notches. The temperature ranges between +5℃ and 100℃.

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Details about PP film

PP Film Size
Thickness (mm)Width*Length (mm)
0.3mmWidth: 1200mm, any length in roll
0.3—1.5mmwidth: 660mm, any length in roll

PP Characteristics:

1. Low density
2. Resistance to bending fatigue
3. Good heat resistance
4. High tensile strength
5. High surface strength
6. High chemical resistance
7. Food safe

1. Low oxidation resistance
2. Low abrasion resistance
3. Easy to brittle at low temperature
4. HF-welding not possible
5. Difficult to varnish and glue
6. No weather resistance

PP Applications
1. Pipeline, medical equipment , stewing endurance tableware, food packaging,
2. Galvanize tank, acid-proof and alkali resistance containers, spraying loading frame.
3. Home appliances shell, wire and cable etc.

—-Other size, colors can be customized.
—Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer


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