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Saferlon® PTFE tubes are manufactured by ram extruding method with PTFE granular resin.
In fluoroplastics, PTFE got the most consumption and was used widely. It’s an important material in variety of fluoroplastics. PTFE exhibits astonishing chemical resistance. This self-lubricating material provides a low friction coefficient, and is ideally suited for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant gaskets & seals.

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Details about PTFE Tube

II. Characteristics
♦ Superior endurance in corrosion
♦ Non-flammable,limited oxygen index is under 90.
♦ Low friction coefficient
♦ Non-viscous, Self-lubricating
♦ Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used -200~260℃
♦ High electrical insulation
♦ Atmospheric aging resistance
♦ Low permeability, good gas barrier property
♦ Good physiological compatibility and anti-thrombotic

III. Main Properties
Apparent densityg/cm32.10—2.30
Tensile strength(min)MPa18
Ultimate elongation(min)%230


IV. Applications
Corrosion resistance: widely used in all chemical containers and parts which contacted with corrosive media, such as tanks, reactors, equipment lining, valves, pumps, fittings, filter materials, separation materials and pipe for corrosive fluids.
Abrasion resistance: can be used as a self lubricating bearing, piston rings, seal rings, gaskets, valve seats, sliders and rails etc..
Insulation materials: mainly used in the manufacture of various products with high temperature resistance, high-frequency resistance, electrical insulation and arc resistance, such as high-frequency cables, moisture-resistant cables, capacitor coils, insulating cover for wire, etc..
Medical materials: such as artificial blood vessels, heart, esophagus, peritoneum, heart devices, a variety of intubation tubes and catheters.
Non-stick materials: can be used for non-stick coating such as non-stick pan and non-stick roller for food processor.


PTFE Tube Size
OD range(mm)ID range(mm)Length(mm)


Moulding PTFE Rod
OD range(mm)ID range(mm)Length(mm)


Size and Shape:
Size and shape can be customized according to the drawing which provided by our customer or made by our Engineer through opening Mould. Surface printing with Logo
by silk screen can be provide as per customers request.

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