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PVC Thin Sheet

♦ Clear and bright with uniform thickness;
♦ Good grease resistance and chemical resistance;
♦ Good rigidity and toughness;
♦ High impact strength even in the cooling conditions;
♦ Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation;
♦ Easy to processing;
♦ Obvious oxygen and water vapor barrier properties.


Poly vinyl Chloride


Thin sheets, Rolls

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Details about PVC Thin Sheet

PVC Thin Sheet Size
Thickness (mm)Width*Length (mm)
0.14mm – 1.2mm(Calendaring line)Width≤1000mm
0.18mm-3.0mm(Extrusion line)Width≤1300mm

II. Qualification
1.Appearance quality requirements: transparent and consistent color, no cracks, scars, wrinkles, perforation, precipitation, lack of edge, oil on the surface. With coiling smooth, neat trimming and elastic consistency;
2.No water ripple, no grain, no impurities, no bubbles holes, no black spots, no paralleled presentation of white, no orange peel phenomenon.
3.Physical performance indicators: the amount of water vapor through <2.5g / (m2.24h), oxygen transmission rate <30cm2 /(m2.24h.0.1MPa);
4.Chemical Performance: readily oxidizable substance volume <1ml
5.Microbiological indicators of medical grade PVC plates: bacterial population <100 / 10cm2, the number of molds and yeasts should no more than 10 / 10cm2, Escherichia coil should not be detected, no abnormal toxicity.


III. Materials types
A.By color
1.Transparent thin sheets: with light blue transparent, light red transparent, natural color, or white transparent
2.Orange thin sheets(avoid direct light): orange, golden yellow
3.Brown thin sheets(avoid direct light): light brown, dark brown
4.White thin sheets(avoid direct light): milky white, porcelain white
Remark: Color can be customized according to the samples and RAL, PANTONE color cards.

B. By transparency
1.Transparent thin sheets
2. Translucent thin sheets
3. Opaque thin sheets


C. By surface treatment
1. Smooth processing sheet
2. Frosting: coarse sand sheet, fine sand sheet
3. Matte finishing sheet
4. One side with protective film sheet
5. Both sides with protective film sheet
6. Corona surface treatment sheet


D. By function
1. Anti-static PET sheet
2. Anti-UV PET sheet


IV. Applications
1. Food packaging: such as candy, biscuit, dried fruit, egg packaging, etc.
2. Drug packaging: tablet, capsule, oral liquid, suppositories, aluminum-plastic blister packaging of pills and other medicines
3. Medical equipment packaging
4. The digital, electronic products, electronic components packaging
5. Daily consumer goods packing, daily hardware products packaging
6. Jewelry and gift packaging
7. Toy accessories, toy packaging
8. Tools packaging
9. Stationery plastic products, stationery packing
10. Facial protection articles
11. Cosmetics packaging
12. Packaging for wine, beverages and tea
13. Labels and signs
14. Print consumables
15. Plastic pallet
16. Hardware accessories packaging
17. Nameplate, phone cards, SIM cards, bank cards
18. Other industrial packaging and so on

—-Other size, colors can be customized.
—Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer

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