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Fabrication & Machining Service

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Based on most advanced machining technology and manufacture equipment, we are offering plastic fabrication,machining service in tune with highest standards to our customers nationwide. We understand various engineering plastics properties, and we are highly renowned for rich machining experience. Therefore, from precision machining to complex assembling, we combined with our strong capacity or coordinate with the plastic machining specialists to fulfill your needs. we are able to handle high quality plastics parts either trial orders or mass production. Just send us your drawings and related requirements today!

Quanda Facility Show

Plastics Fabrication & Machining Capacity:

CNC Multiple Axis Routing
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Die Cutting
Heat and Bending
Bonding & Welding
Injection Molding

Quanda Processing Capacity

Quana is certified to ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems, and carry out the systems standard.
Advanced multiple axis machining center, we are able to fabricate complex geometry and large size and large surface plastics parts.
Tight Tolerance Control, Switzerland meansuring systems to ensure quality monitoring and all sizes precision control
Experienced engineer and well trained technicians, master different machining methods to different materials. To fulfill the materials fabrication and machining effectively at cost-saved, and delivery high performance plastic parts.

Special Service

We have special techniques to remove burrs and swarf. This helps to improve safety and avoid failure of components.
Quanda is able to do annealing to finished machined parts, to relieve the inside stress, in this case, which can significantly help to avoid warpage and dimensional change of the parts when use, and avoid failure of the parts.


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