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1. Do I have to buy full size sheets?

No, we’ll gladly cut most plastic materials into size you might need.

2. What are the working temperatures of plastics?

The correct definition for the “working” temperature of a plastic is how hot it can become and still function normally. Most plastics can go -40 degrees F and retain their physical properties without becoming overly brittle (except flexible vinyl convertible windows).

There are special cryogenic grades of plastic (G10 and UHMW-PE) that will go below -400 degrees F! For the most part, most plastics will soften or lose their structural properties around 200 degrees F. The chart below lists a few of the most popular plastics and their maximum continuous working temperatures.

3. Are samples available?

YES, please contact our sales team.

II. Question about materials

What is the difference between copolymer and homopolymer acetal?
Copolymer and homopolymer acetal have slightly different molecular structures resulting in slightly different physical properties. For example, homopolymer acetal has slightly higher strength properties but exhibits centerline porosity.


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