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Rylar® Wave Solder Pallet and Reflow Soldering Material

Rylar® Wave Solder Pallet Material is  is a composite material which is made by glass fiber and high temperature resin.  This material is widely used in the production of wave soldering and reflow soldering in the printed circuit industry. Our materials are manufactured by fully automatic production line, and the product batches are stable for a long time, avoiding the bad problems such as porosity, deformation and open layer of manual manufacturing.

For antistatic durostone sheet, DAS8150, DAS8850 and DAS9000 are available for different technical requirements.  For optical antistatic sheet, we recommend use DOS8500


Rylar® Durostone Sheet


Black, Grey, Blue, Other custom colors



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Details about Rylar® Wave Solder Pallet and Reflow Soldering Material

Features of Rylar® Wave Solder Pallet and reflow soldering Material

  •  It has good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, anti-static and non-flammability
  •  Suitable for SMT wave soldering process in the welding protection carrier used.
  • Easy to process, no breakage, no delamination, no linting, no irritation in use, can be cut and drilled and slotted at will according to the use specifications
  • easy to process quickly in CNC machine tools and avoid excessive damage to tools.
  • Very little burr after processing, delicate products, processing parts are not easy to delamination fracture
  • ESD performance is uniform and stable, no air holes and impurities on the board surface, and the fiber distribution is even and delicate.
  • All materials are dimensionally stable and maintain their flatness through repeated cycles in the PCB assembly process.
  • Tight tolerance can be fabricated

Rylar® Pallet Material-DAS8150
Size (mm)Weight(KG)Size (mm)Weight(KG)
3 x 1020 x 12207.09312 x 1020 x 122028.372
4 x 1020 x 12209.45714 x 1020 x 122033.101
5 x 1020 x 122011.82215 x 1020 x 122035.465
6 x 1020 x 122014.18616 x 1020 x 122037.830
8 x 1020 x 122018.91518 x 1020 x 122042.559
10 x 1020 x 122023.64420 x 1020 x 122047.290
25 x 1020 x 122059.10930 x 1020 x 122070.931
3 x 1220 x 244016.96812 x 1220 x 244067.871
4 x 1220 x 244022.62414 x 1220 x 244079.183
5 x 1220 x 244028.28015 x 1220 x 244084.839
6 x 1220 x 244033.93616 x 1220 x 244090.495
8 x 1220 x 244045.24718 x 1220 x 2440101.807
10 x 1220 x 244056.56020 x 1220 x 2440113.118
25 x 1220 x 2440141.39830 x 1220 x 2440169.678


Material composition, models and applications
Material compositionModelApplicationPicture
Basic Materials:  Glass fiber and epoxy resinRylar®
Economic Cost, common working lifespan, general requirements for warpness of wave solder pallets and small size reflow soldering carrier.Durostone Sheet DAS8150 Sheet
 Basic Materials:  Glass fiber and F grade high temperature resistant resinRylar®
Apply for high requirements of wave solder pallet and reflow soldering carrier. The working lifespan, corrosion resistance, anti-deformation, and temperature resistance is superior of DAS8150.Durostone Sheet DAS8850 Sheet
 Basic Materials: Excellent composite material made of electronic grade imported glass fiber and high temperature resistant composite resin, nano-dispersed material, etc.Rylar®
Higher temperature resistance,it’s still keep good performance when in the indirect high temperature environment of 265-300℃. It’s apply to LG, SONY,SAMSUNG,Flextronics,Foxconn enterprises, whose request strictly quality such as excellent flatness, surface, temperature resistance, and anti-deformation, to use for big size wave soldering pallets and reflow soldering carrier. Easy processing, no breakage, no blistering, no linting, no delamination, anti-deformation, no prickly body.Durostone Sheet DAS9000 Sheet
Basic Materials: Fiber Glass Cloth and high temperature resistant composite resinRylar®
Equivalent to  Ricocel , same quality and excellent performace, apply for big size server mainboard, and request high enviroment temperature, and anti-deformation, precision machining industry.


Durostone Sheet PBF9000
optical grade, Basic Materials: Fiber Glass Mat and high temperature resistant composite resinRylar®
Equivalent to CDM68940, recommend to optical reflow soldering carrier and auto-optical testing.Durostone Sheet DOS8500 Sheet


1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer
3. Certain grades available in various colors

The materials in stock with regular size are generally shipped within 2-5 business days. Can’t find the materials you need? Get a quote or consult more about Rylar® Wave Solder Pallet and Reflow Soldering Material.


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