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Sufoner® PEEK is a high temperature, high performance thermoplastic specialty engineering plastic. PEEK can be used continuously at 260 degrees without losing its physical and chemical properties. PEEK has extremely high stiffness and hardness, as well as unique high tensile strength and fatigue strength. In addition, its heat-resistant non-deformation performance and chemical stability are excellent.

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Details about PEEK Tube

I.PEEK TUBE Characteristics
♦ Extremely high strength and stiffness, good toughness
♦ High temperature resistance, can withstand 260 degrees
♦ Good thermal stability, good heat resistance and deformation resistance
♦ Good creep resistance, self-lubricating performance
♦ Good dimensional stability and good radiation resistance
♦ Good flame retardancy and good hydrolysis resistance


II. PEEK TUBE Applications
♦ Semiconductor test parts, processing nest (nest), wafer comb
♦ Microelectronic IC test socket (socket) and contactor (contactor)
♦ Seals, pumps and valve assemblies, bearings and bushings
♦ Scientific instrument parts, other electronic components


Size and Shape:
Size and shape can be customized according to the drawing which provided by our customer or made by our Engineer through opening Mould. Surface printing with Logo
by silk screen can be provide as per customers request.

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