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Sufoner®PEEK Sheet & Rod

Sufoner® PEEK is a high temperature, high performance thermoplastic specialty engineering plastic. PEEK can be used continuously at 260 degrees without losing its physical and chemical properties. PEEK has extremely high stiffness and hardness, as well as unique high tensile strength and fatigue strength. In addition, its heat-resistant non-deformation performance and chemical stability are excellent.


Polyether etherketone


Sheets, Rods, Profiles

Grades include

● Sufoner® PEEK unfilled
● Sufoner® PEEK+GF
● Sufoner® PEEK6000C (ceramic filled)
● Sufoner® PEEK 6800CM
● Sufoner® PEEK 5800ESD

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Details about Sufoner®PEEK Sheet & Rod

Sufoner® PEEK unfilled

Sufoner® PEEK Unfilled, also called un-reinforced, represents a general-purpose grade characterized by the absence of reinforcing fillers. Despite lacking reinforcement, PEEK Unfilled showcases unparalleled elongation at break and toughness. This distinctive combination of properties makes Peek Unfilled an optimal choice for applications that prioritize flexibility and durability within the PEEK polymer family. Also available in black PEEK.

Sufoner® PEEK+GF30

Sufoner® PEEK GF30 natural refers to a unique variant of PEEK that contains 30% glass fillers. This glass fiber reinforcement significantly enhances the material’s mechanical strength and imparts high rigidity when compared to the unfilled version of PEEK. Additionally, the incorporation of glass fillers leads to notable improvements in both creep strength and dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for components subjected to prolonged exposure to high static loads under elevated temperature conditions. Moreover, PEEK GF30 exhibits exceptional thermal stability, minimal thermal expansion, and extremely low moisture absorption, further enhancing its suitability for various applications requiring these specific properties.

Sufoner® PEEK6000C and Sufoner® PEEK 6800CM
Sufoner® PEEK6000C and Sufoner® PEEK 6800CM are ideal for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of precision microvia processing with a minimum pore size of 0.1mm or less.
Sufoner® PEEK6000C is a composite of polyetheretherketone PEEK and ceramic matrix. It has excellent processability, low cost, ultra-thin thickness (T1-5mm), high wear resistance, low thermal expansion, almost no burr machining, and is not easily deformed. High heat distortion temperature and very good thermal stability.

Unique composite material Sufoner® PEEK 6800CM sheet
This material is a composite of PEEK and other custom-formulated materials, which combines strength, stiffness and stability very well. The machining deformation is very small, the burr is very small, and the size is stable. It is especially suitable for high-precision applications. It is an ideal material for semiconductor test sockets, nests, fixtures and packaging equipment.

Sufoner® PEEK Size
Width × Length (mm)
PEEK6000C Sheet
PEEK 6800CM Sheet
1mm to 5mm150mm x 210mm
PEEK Sheet5mm to 60mm600mmx1200mm
1250mm x1000mm
PEEK6000C Rod1mm to 5 mm300mm
PEEK Rod6mm to 180mm1000mm


Small Diameter PEEK Rod

Small Diameter PEEK Rod Size
or any length
or any length
Natural or Black


1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, diameter and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer.
3. Certain grades available in various colors.

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