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Rylar® 5025 Insulated Sheet

Rylar® 5025 heat insulating sheet is made from polyimide resin and glass fiber by compound pressing, which is not harmful to human body. With low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and low dielectric constant, it has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and excellent workability. Bear high temperature up to 250℃, extreme smoothness, still has excellent flexural strength at high temperature. Widely used in plastic mold, injection mold, rubber industry, vulcanizing machine, molding machine, hydraulic machine, shoes machine, machinery manufacturing, injection molding machines, hot runner system, electrical appliances, solar electric panels and so on.


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Details about Rylar® 5025 Insulated Sheet

Rylar® 5025 Heat Insulating Sheet Size
Diameter(mm)weight(kg)Width(mm) × Length(mm)
5mm27.531220mm x 2440mm
6mm33.001220mm x 2440mm
7mm44.001220mm x 2440mm
10mm55.001220mm x 2440mm
12mm66.001220mm x 2440mm
15mm82.601220mm x 2440mm
20mm110.001220mm x 2440mm
25mm137.601220mm x 2440mm
30mm165.001220mm x 2440mm
Continue to apply the highest environmentFor 200-250 ℃ heat environment, maximum matching environmental temperature 250 ℃.


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