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POM Tube

Good mechanical properties and rigidity, and close to the metal material. It’s an ideal replacement material of copper, cast zinc,steel, aluminum and other metal materials. Excellent fatigue resistance and creep resistance. Good abrasion resistance, self-lubricated and friction. High thermal stability, good chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation. And it can be used in temperatures ranging from -50℃ to +110℃.

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Details about POM Tube

I.Qunsail®POM tube Characteristics
♦High surface hardness, low abrasion consumption, impact fatigue and shock resistance, low coefficient friction, and
self-lubricating, therefore, it is the first material choice for manufacturing gear.
♦High mechanical strength and rigidity. Although the contraction rate is high, the dimension is stable.
♦Good dielectric properties, solvent resistance, non-stress cracking, no porosity.
♦Torsional resistance, it can be restored to the original shape when removing the external force.
♦Low water absorption

II.Qunsail®POM tube Application
♦Machinery industry used to produce gears, springs, bearings, wheels, connecting rod, impeller blades etc..
♦Automobile industry
♦Electronic and electrical appliances
♦Others such as toys, windows, water tanks and washing basins

Size and Shape:
Size and shape can be customized according to the drawing which provided by our customer or made by our Engineer through opening Mould. Surface printing with Logo
by silk screen can be provide as per customers request.

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