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PVDF owns excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, processing performance, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance and creep resistance. Compared with PTFE, PVDF shows a higher rigidity and pressure resistance when compared with PTFE, and high toughness at low temperature, but the smoothness and electrical insulation properties is lower. PVDF continuous using temperature range -30-150 °C.


PVDF,Polyvinylidene Fluoride


Natural white (translucent ),Custom made

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Details about PVDF Film

PVDF Film Size
Thickness (mm)Width × Length (mm)
0.02mm-0.5mmWidth: 200mm—1400mm, any length, in roll

I. PVDF Characteristics

1. Surface smooth and delicate, without the defect of striations, orange peel-like appearance, tiny wrinkles, etc., Not easy to stain, virtually maintenance free Under normal circumstances
2. Anti-Microbial, does not contain any environments which support the growth of microbial or mold, completely does not allow bacteria to permeate
3. Good toughness, no crack
4. Compared with the PVDF coating has better wear resistance, service life is longer
5. Good weather resistance, self-cleaning ability
6. Good thermal stability, the film itself white can reflect most of the sun heat, thus effectively block heat source to enter
7. With high impact strength(can be used in sensors with shock wave)
8. Good corrosion resistance
9. PVDF is a very stable material, doesn’t decompose and release harmful substances during production, so there is no harmless to the environment in the production process and it’s safe materials.


II. PVDF Applications

♦ Photovoltaic industry: Backplane film of solar battery
♦ Inner trim field: Interior trim of cars, trains, aircraft, etc.
♦ Electrical insulation: Completely replace the usage of PC, PET, PP and etc., such traditional insulation materials in eletronic field and electric appliance area
♦ Intelligence field: Various sensors
♦ Advertisement: Such as balloon
♦ Car: Protection material of fuel pipe
♦ Building insulation: Insulation materials of the outermost layer of outer wall


—-Other size, colors can be customized.
—Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer

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