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POM Custom Parts

POM is mainly used to replace non-ferrous metals such as (copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.) to manufacture various mechanical parts, and is widely used in automobiles, machinery, electronic appliances, construction and piping, etc.

In addition to its specific strength and specific rigidity close to that of metal, polyoxymethylene also has the advantages of light weight, no rust, easy molding, non-thermal conductivity, non-conductive, beautiful appearance and low cost compared with metal materials.


Polyoxymethylene is widely used as an energy-saving material in the field of automobile manufacturing. On the one hand, it can reduce the weight of the car and reduce the fuel consumption of the car; on the other hand, it can replace various metals and reduce the forming Processing energy consumption. For example, car door and window handles made of polyoxymethylene, instead of the original chrome-plated metal parts or stainless steel, it can save 23% of the cost, and the processing process is reduced from the original 13 to 5.

Compared with some other engineering plastics, polyoxymethylene has outstanding resistance to a series of chemicals used in automobiles. Among them, polyoxymethylene copolymer is the most excellent. For example, because acetal copolymer is extremely stable to automobile coolant, most parts of car radiators are made of acetal copolymer.

POM is mainly used in the following three aspects in automobiles.

(1) Automobile engine fuel supply system

It is mainly used in the manufacture of radiator drain pipe valves, radiator tank covers, coolant spare tanks, water pump impellers, water valve bodies, fuel tank covers, fuel filling ports, fuel pumps, carburetor shells, and various exhaust control valves , accelerator pedal and other parts.

(2) Automotive electrical equipment system

It is mainly used in the manufacture of heater fans, air compressor valves, lighting switches, heater control rods, combined switches, wiper motor gears and bearing brackets, washing pumps and other components.

(3) Automobile body system

It is mainly used in the manufacture of visor brackets, leaf spring bushes, speedometer housings, antenna gear housings, inner mirror stays, door lock parts, window switch regulator handles, window glass frames and guide rollers, steering knuckles Bearings, brake parts, steering wheel parts and compartment hinges, etc.


POM has been widely used in the manufacture of various gears, bearings, springs, cams, bolts, nuts, and structural parts of various pump bodies, shells, impellers and other mechanical equipment.

Gears, gear couplings and bearings made of polyoxymethylene have been widely used as general power transmission functional structural parts. For example, drive parts for copiers, typewriters and other office machinery made of polyoxymethylene, including spur gears, helical gears and pulleys. Mainly use the characteristics of wear resistance, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, light weight and low noise of polyoxymethylene.

The universal joint bearing made of polyoxymethylene mainly utilizes the strength, rigidity, wear resistance and lubricity of polyoxymethylene.

3.Electronic appliances and office automation machines

POM has a small dielectric loss tangent, high dielectric strength and insulation resistance, and excellent arc resistance. It has been widely used in the fields of electronic appliances and office automation machines.

POM can be used to make parts of telephones, tape recorders, video recorders, TV sets, electronic computers, fax machines, printers, etc., such as telephone dials and keys, TV relays and coil skeletons, electronic computer control components, timer parts, tape recorders Tape decks, micro switch cam discs and reverse sliders, CD changer switches and CD cases, printer front chassis, speaker grilles, etc.

POM can also be used to make parts of various electric tools, such as electric wrench casing, electric wool shear casing, coal drill casing and switch handle, etc.

For example, the printer front chassis made of polyoxymethylene. It mainly utilizes the rigidity, wear resistance, dimensional stability and anti-static characteristics of polyoxymethylene.

4.Construction and Plumbing

In the field of construction and piping, polyoxymethylene is used to manufacture window frames, washbasins, water tanks, door and window pulleys, casters for furniture, gas meter parts and covers, bathroom water heater parts, water meter housings, water pipe joints and taps, etc.

The faucet made of polyoxymethylene is 30% cheaper than the general metal faucet, and it can withstand 2×106 switches under the pressure of 0.5-0.6MPa, which is equivalent to more than 40 years of use. It also has the characteristics of water corrosion resistance, scale resistance and self-lubrication. The fire hydrant and fire hose connector made of polyoxymethylene, the anti-burst pressure can reach 5MPa.


POM is also widely used in agricultural machinery. It replaces the metal material to make the connection and linkage parts of the seeder, which not only simplifies the structure of the seeder, but also requires no or only a small amount of lubrication. The composite material of polyoxymethylene and stainless steel has also achieved good results as the moving parts of the milking machine.

POM has high strength, good rigidity, excellent chemical resistance, and light weight. It is also widely used in the manufacture of irrigation and drainage pump casings and sprayer nozzles in the agricultural field.


POM has been successfully used in the manufacture of watches and electronic clocks. Watch parts molded with polyoxymethylene must undergo mechanical secondary processing. Using its good elastic recovery, it can be made into a press assembly structure, and can simplify the watch structure and reduce watch parts by 20% to 60%. Because polyoxymethylene has excellent dimensional accuracy and self-lubrication, the watch parts made of it are precise and have a long service life.

Polyoxymethylene is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and fully complies with international health standards. It is an ideal material for food machinery parts. It can be used to manufacture food processing conveyor parts, gears and bearing brackets on food processing equipment, etc.

In addition, polyoxymethylene can also be used to manufacture daily consumer goods such as lighters, combs, mechanical parts of toys, sprinkler parts, ballpoint pen parts, zippers and small-capacity bottles.



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