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Sufoner®PPS Sheet & Rod

Sufoner® PPS is a high performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical strength and excellent chemical and heat resistance. Sufoner® PPS5300 is based on PPS and is filled with other special materials for filling and blending. The composite modification and post-treatment process can effectively reduce the burr problem and post-shrinkage problem during punching.
This material is ideal for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of precision microvia processing and to replace PEEK in a variety of applications, reducing production costs.
Antistatic grade Sufoner® PPS 5800ESD is based on PPS. It is added with special additives such as special inorganic powders and additives to form antistatic effect by copolymerization. The antistatic is durable and stable. The surface resistance is 10^8- 10^10).


polyphenylene sulfide


Rods, Sheets, Plates

Grades include

● Sufoner® PPS unfilled
● Sufoner® PPS+GF
● Sufoner® PPS+ Graphite
● Sufoner® PPS 5800ESD
● Sufoner® PPS5300

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Details about Sufoner®PPS Sheet & Rod

Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS), is a sulfur-containing aromatic polymer, one of the six special engineering plastics, with a density of 1.36g/cm³, the highest short-term use temperature is 260℃, and it can be used at a temperature of 200-240℃ for a long time used in high temperature environment. Its heat resistance is equivalent to PI, second only to PTFE. It is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin, which has the advantages of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardant, good thermal stability, and excellent electrical properties, etc.

When using Nylon (PA), Polyoxymethylene (POM), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Polysulfone (PSU), there are defects that cannot meet the technical requirements, while using polyimide (PI) polyether Etherketone (PEEK) and polyamide-imide (PAI) are too expensive, so choosing PPS should be an ideal engineering plastic.

The dielectric constant of PPS is very small, the dielectric loss is quite low, and the surface resistivity and volume resistivity are not sensitive to changes in frequency, temperature and humidity, so it is an excellent electrical insulating material. Radiation resistance and high temperature resistance are usually used in the automotive industry, electronic appliances, machinery, instruments, aviation, aerospace, military and other fields. The chemical structure is quite stable, and it contains sulfur, which is a flame retardant element, and has excellent flame resistance.

The strength is generally very rigid, but it is brittle and prone to stress brittle cracking; especially the impact strength is relatively low. Reinforced with glass fiber will greatly improve the impact strength.

Main feature:
1. Adopting the latest exclusive anti-static method in the world to solve the anti-static defects on the market (such as black, powder, carbon powder, easy to push, local electric breakdown, unstable antistatic index, high cost, etc.).

2. Excellent micropore processing, less processing burrs, and very stable and stable antistatic index.

3. To maintain the original color of PPS, at the same time can customize a variety of colors, still maintain a stable and durable anti-static index.

Sufoner® PPS Size
Width × Length (mm)
PPS5300 Sheet
PPS5800ESD Sheet
1mm to 5mm150mm x 210mm
PPS Sheet5mm to 40mm600mmx1200mm
1250mm x1000mm
PPS5300 Rod1mm to 5 mm300mm
PPS Rod6mm to 100mm1000mm

1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, diameter and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer.
3. Certain grades available in various colors.

The materials in stock with regular size are generally shipped within 2-5 business days. Can’t find the materials you need? Get a quote or consult more about Sufoner® PPS .

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