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Semolar® ESD/Antistatic UHMWPE Sheet & Rod

Semolar® ESD UHMWPE have been modified bbased on PE-U5, the former two material have outstanding and permanent static resistant properties.

The volume and surface resistance is between 106~109, R9 is between 109~1011. R2 is exactly a kind of conductive material with volume and surface resistance between 102~104.


Semolar® ESD/Antistatic UHMWPE


Can be cuztomized


Rods, Sheets, Tubes, Profiles

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Details about Semolar® ESD/Antistatic UHMWPE Sheet & Rod

Semolar® ESD UHMWPE Sheet Size
Thickness (mm)Width × Length (mm)
1~200mmWidth ≤2000mm,Length: unlimited


1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer
3. Certain grades available in various colors

The materials in stock with regular size are generally shipped within 2-5 business days. Can’t find the materials you need? Get a quote or consult more about Semolar® ESD/Antistatic UHMWPE Sheet & Rod.

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