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Plastic materials cutting-to-size

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Are your still annoyed by plastic profiles cutting problems? We can offer you ultimate solutions to end all your troubles with cutting. All you have to do is inform us your desirable sizes and shapes when making orders, and you are provided with trouble-free cutting solution in a cost effective and fast manner.

We choose different cutting methods according to specific applications. For example, we add cooling liquid to cut PP and nylon, because these materials are adhesive to blades. As for POM, second annealing is conducted in the first place to prevent cracking. When cutting PMMA material, we know that this transparent material has hard surface, so a steady cutting speed should be maintained. Otherwise, there will be cracks and scratches.

cut perspex to size

HDPE cutting

PP sheet cutting

black plastic sheet

Nylon sheet and rod cutting

white plastic rod
plastic thin sheet


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