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Plastic Connector

Plastic PTFE connector, PTFE elbows, PTFE tee connector Used in equipment and pipeline connections in the chemical and food industries, it has excellent performance of no creep, no sticking, no fading, no aging, and chemical corrosion resistance, which greatly saves costs and improves the service life of products. The preferred connection sealing material.

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Details about Plastic Connector

Extreme temperatures are no problem for these fittings—they’re made of PTFE, so they can withstand a wider temperature range than any of our other plastic pipe fittings for chemicals. They have the chemical resistance to stand up to acid and solvents. Fittings have thick, Schedule 80 walls for heavy duty industrial applications. The material won’t leach contaminates into the line, so these fittings are commonly used in high-purity processes, such as semiconductor and clean room applications. They have a super-smooth interior for unrestricted flow. Apply a non-hardening, plastic-compatible sealant to the male threads to prevent leaks. Tape or sealants with PTFE are not recommended for plastic-to-plastic threaded connections. When making a threaded connection be careful not to overtighten the threads. To prevent cracks and leaks, finger tighten the fitting, then wrench-tighten one to two turns.

Size and Shape:
Size and shape can be customized according to the drawing which provided by our customer or made by our Engineer through opening Mould. Surface printing with Logo
by silk screen can be provide as per customers request.

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