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UHMWPE Application Scope

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UHMWPE Tube & Sheet

UHMWPE is mainly used on producing pipes, profiles, hollow products and injection products, the specifics are as follows.

(1) Wear-Resistant Conveying Pipes
It can be used for conveying pipelines of coal, mineral powder, cement, lime, salt and grain. Its wear-resisting property is 10 ~ 50 times higher than that of metal.

(2) Mechanical Parts
With its wear resistance, it is mainly used to manufacture low load parts, such as shuttle rods, picking sticks, gears, connectors, sweep rods, buffer blocks and eccentric blocks in textile machinery, and water tank covers, wipers, compaction parts, joints and sealing shaft rods in in paper machinery, and guide rails, slide rails and friction wheels in machine tools, etc.

(3) Lining Material
Because the mechanical properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene are not high, the strength is not enough when used alone, so it is often used as the lining material of metal, to combine the strength of metal and the wear resistance of UHMWPE, such as wear-resistant lining boards, concretes, coals, sands, clays, grains, mining bins, heads, chutes, car lining materials.

(4)Medical Material
With the advantages of good physiological compatibility and corrosion resistance, it is used for orthopedic parts and artificial joints.

(5) Other Products
It is used to manufacture nuclear power plant cover panels with its radiation resistance, and to manufacture body armors, ice skating boards and snowboards with its high impact property.



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