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Phenolic Laminates

Phenolic Laminates

1. Brief introduction of phenolic laminatesPhenolic laminated products use PF resin as the binder, kraft paper, cotton cloth, asbestos cloth, glass cloth and insulating paper

Rulon (PTFE) Film

Rulon series materials | Properties and Application

Rulon series materials are polytetrafluoroethylene-based blended resins developed and produced by Saint-Gobain in France. They are high-end fluoroplastics. It is suitable for processing products such

PC tubing

PC (polycarbonate) | Application range

1. Optical materials Lighting materials include architectural lighting panels, automotive window glass, optical instruments, large lampshades, protective glass, automotive lampshades, etc. Communication materials include optical


PA Performance

(1) General performance The appearance of PA is transparent or opaque milky white or light yellow pellets, which are customarily called slices. The appearance is horny and

Engineering plastics parts

Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics refer to a type of resin that has good mechanical properties and thermal properties, can be used in mechanical stress and harsh chemical

Modified varieties of ABS plastic

ABS Plastic | Modified Varieties

ABS has good compoundability. It can be compounded with various resins to form alloys (blends), such as ABS/PC, ABS/PVC, PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, etc., so that it

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