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PVC Sheet, Grey, White, Red, Black

PVC Types & Different Properties

Properties of different PVC Performance PVc Universal soft PVC PVC Soft PVC for electrical appliances PVC Hard PVC Relative Density 1.2~1.6 1.2~1.6 1.4~1.6 Water Absorption

UHMWPE Tube & Sheet

UHMWPE Application Scope

UHMWPE is mainly used on producing pipes, profiles, hollow products and injection products, the specifics are as follows. (1) Wear-Resistant Conveying Pipes It can be

PE-Sheet-Rod, Green

Polyethylene (PE) Plastics Properties

(1) General performancePE resin is an odorless, non-toxic white powder or granule, milky white in appearance, with a wax-like feel, and low water absorption which

ABS Resin-Chemical Resistance

ABS Resin-Chemical Resistance

The ABS resin-whose chemical resistance of is good. Due to the existence of nitrile grouping in its molecular structure, which almost prevents it from the

Heat Resistance of PTFE

Heat Resistance of Various Engineering Plastics

Heat resistance is one of the main criteria for evaluating the performance of Engineering Plastics. The indicators that indicate heat resistance include heat distortion temperature, glass transition temperature, UL temperature index long-term continuous use temperature, melting point, and the temperature at which mechanical properties are reduced by half.

ABS Sheet,white,green,black,red

How To Identify Plastic Materials

In the laboratory with no test equipment analysis, it still can be distinguished by density size, combustion phenomenon and color, product performance; after the plastic

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