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ABS Resin-Chemical Resistance

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ABS Resin-Chemical Resistance

The ABS resin-whose chemical resistance of is good. Due to the existence of nitrile grouping in its molecular structure, which almost prevents it from the influence of the dilute acid, dilute alkali and salts. It is soluble in ketones, aldehydes, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons, insoluble in most alcohols such as ethanol, but soften in methanol after several hours. Although insoluble in hydrocarbon solvents, it will be swelling after long-time contact with hydrocarbon solvents. Like most plastics, ABS resin will crack under stress when its surface is eroded by chemical reagents such as acetic acid and vegetable oil. The following sheet has listed the quality and appearance changes of ABS resin after long – term immersion in some chemicals.

ABS Resin-Chemical Resistance
Name of Chemical productMass Change Fraction,%Change of Appearance
Cyclohexane+0.03+0.51Slightly Swollen
Rectified Oil of Turpentine+0.19+0.31Brown in Color
10% Citric acid+0.62+0.74Brown in Color
6% Chromic Acid+0.58+0.71Brown in Color
2.5% Calcium Chloride+0.61+0.77Brown in Color
2.5% Silver Nitrate+0.67+0.84Brown in Color
4% Sodium Fluoride+0.53+0.59Brown in Color
10% Ammonium Nitrogen+0.50+0.57Brown in Color
10% Sodium Carbonate+0.56+0.65Brown in Color
3% Potassium Bromide+0.64+0.78Brown in Color
Saturated Ammonium Chloride+0.35+0.39Brown in Color
10% Copper Nitrate+0.64+0.76Brown in Color
Ethylene Glycol+0.03+0.15Brown in Color
3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution+0.69+1.03Color Turns Yellow
Saturated Sulfite Solution+10.95+6.70Color of Amber
Methyl alcohol+4.50(2d)+26~+28Swelling, Bleaching
12% Acetic Acid+0.69+0.75Swelling, Bleaching


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